Face to Face With the Unknown by Sherry Hansen Steiger

() I don’t dislike many books, as bad quality doesn’t usually make its way past a publisher with money on the line. However, this one seems to have snuck through. This is a compilation of ‘true stories’ about “young people’s encounters with the unexplained”. In other words, it’s a bunch of stories about paranormal stuff in relation to teens. This has the opportunity to be captivating to readers, unfortunately all stories are written in an objective third person by the author with no reference to the true ‘identifier’ or ‘story-teller’. Yes, there is an extensive bibliography, but nothing relating to the specific experiences described here. It seems they might really be nothing more than made-up stories based on various recorded psychic phenomenons.
The most popular literature always captures a reader’s emotions and attention. This book does none of the two, nor do the stories seem to prove ‘true’ as stated. Do not waste your time unless you enjoy reading really boring, bland books.


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