The Facts Speak for Themselves by Brock Cole

() If you feel like reading something disturbed and messy, this is your book. A sad murder witness tale is told by a very abused and confused teenage girl. From her distant whore-ish mother to her dead father, this story is a tear jerker – that is if you can get your emotion past the broken sentences and unconnected events. As can be viewed by reading from this girl’s perspective, her IQ and education are less than average. Despite this shortcoming, she has a continual will to go on and protect the family that her mom forgot. Through her mom’s past boyfriends, she’s become familiar with both the stock market and sex. She’s learned to depend only on herself and trust no one. They aren’t the best lessons in life, and watching more than a couple lives be taken in front of you won’t help your mentality either. So many stories are told about the occurrences after the traumatic event, this one focuses on namely the situations before its occurrence.

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