Alice Macleod, Realist at Last by Susan Juby

() This is one in a series of books by the same author about the same main character. This girl, Alice, likes to think of herself as an artist and a screenplay writer. Unfortunately, she sucks. You have to give her props for the unique styling and confidence though.
But honestly, this character reeks of selfishness and stupidity. She’s constantly doubled over in self-pity and self-inflicted drama. Yeah, her mom went to jail, and yeah, her boy toy moved away. But her mom was an environmental activist and her boyfriend was heading to school. Getting a job at 16 is not going to kill you. The perspective this sixteen-year-old holds in this book reminds me of the perspective I had on the world at age 10 or 11. Definitley not a choice read. I’d say it insults the idea of the teen psyche.


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