Red Palms by Cara Haycak

() A story about a (once) rich Ecuadorian fourteen-year-old girl whose family ran into hard times during the Great Depression. Her father attempted to make a new life for them on a far away island. There, he hoped to start a coconut plantation. Unfortunately, living there was nothing like they were accustomed to. It took them a long time to learn how to care for themselves. They also ran into culture clashes with the island peoples. They communicated differently and had contradicting values, traditions, and beliefs. Unfortunately, Bonita finds herself infatuated with one of the male islanders. She runs away with him and soon enough they get into trouble. She goes through a life-changing journey and experiences that teach her about the freedom and independence she should value as solely her own. It warns of rushing into ‘love’ when you’re young, and also that stubbornness and pride can be the brunt causes of many burdens.


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