Freewill by Chris Lynch

() At first read, I was almost under the assumption that this was going to be an A+ book. But then the story became more and more illogical. The ending wasn’t even a symbolic conclusion, to say the least.
Basically, the story is told through a very troubled teen boy. He’s living with his grandparents and attending some kind of reform school for his odd behaviors; his parents died in an accident/suicide. He is gifted in woodwork but continually proclaims he was meant to be a pilot.
The story is hard to follow because his dialogue is so scattered, but its basically follows that more than a couple mystery “suicides” occur in their small town. The catch is that the main character’s wood creations just ‘shows up’ on the site of each death scene. This leaves him with feelings of confusion, guilt, sorrow, and loneliness. It might sound intriguing, but there is no real result or finish the story – so it leaves you in peril with no hints or other story to follow after.


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