No More Pranks by Monique Polak

() You would think a mere 100-page, large-font and huge-spacing book would be a cinch to proofread, but apparently not. This book contained more spelling mistakes, typos, and grammar errors than my fourth-grade essays. And not too much more content.
The story follows a fifteen-year-old Canadian prankster who gets in big trouble for pulling an ‘unforgivable’ joke on the vice principal of his school. He is then suspended and expelled. His parents further punish him by sending him to live with relatives over the summer. There, he works in their kayak business and continually gets into more trouble with his jokes. In spite of this, he falls in love with the whales that frequent the harbor. Soon, he tries to quit pulling pranks, and instead focus on the whales. However, to help the endangered whales, he pulls one last prank that sets the conclusion of the story.
I read this about an hour; it was an hour wasted. The plot is alright, it’s the lack of detail and effort that annoyed me the most. I felt like I was reading a very poorly composed children’s book without the pictures.


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