Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz

() It seems like your average thriller spy novel that’s been turned kid-oriented: and much of it is. However, some of the situations are wholly original, making the story very enticing.
Basically, this fifteen/fourteen-year-old boy, Alex, is living with his only relative, his uncle. But things change when the police report his uncle has died in a car accident. The circumstances of the accident seems odd to Alex, so he investigates. Through a series of odd but adventurous situations he finds out that his uncle was actually murdered for being a professional spy; he was a bank employee as a cover. The company his uncle worked for blackmails Alex into taking his uncle’s place in the project he had been working on. Alex has his uncle’s training and a karate black belt to lean on, and so the story ensues while he saves the world (or at least the world’s school children).

It’s alright, although highly unrealistic. But definitely suspenseful and fun.

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