Cruise Control by Terry Trueman

() The main character, Paul, is a teen boy just about to graduate a semester early from high school. He’s the star basketball player and has straight A’s. The catch is his anger issues: contributing factors to this include his absent father and vegetable of a brother. His father won a Pulitzer prize for a poem he wrote about their non-reactant brother, but yet he’s never around to care for him or anyone else. The brother, Shawn, is a continued source of embarrassment and annoyance for Paul. These things add up to the worst but most fulfilling violent outrages a boy his age can have. He comes very close to killing a large man from road rage. Only a friend could stop him. Also, only further intervention by others he cares about can improve his current ways of living.
This is very poor compared to the first book I read by Trueman, Inside Out. The character development continues to be incredibly excellent, but the story is lacking here.


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