Room by Emma Donoghue

() Almost all of this novel is narrarated by a five-year-old boy named Jack. He has lived his whole life in a one-room shed with his mother. They rely on resources brought to them by “Old Nick” who lives outside of “the room”. Jack believes all the things he sees on T.V. are fake, just parts of the stories being told. However, his mother soon reveals the truth to him.

She creates a plan to escape: Jack plays sick, and then dead, in order to set them both free. It works, but they still have to deal with adjusting to the unpredictable external factors present in the outside world.

All in all, this is a very unique read that ducktails off of other, true cases where women are abducted and held captive for long stretches of time, all while bearing children to the abductor. I like that there is a somewhat happy, realistic ending here.


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