The Center Cannot Hold by Elyn R. Saks

() With frightening clarity , Saks is able to let us see her schizophrenia as she sees it. With how productive and accomplished she is, (Law and Psychology Tenured Professor)  it’s a shock to know all the struggles she’s fought with ‘the demons of her mind’ and still arrived where she is today: Sane and intelligent enough to write an upstanding novel about herself and her illness.

Despite multiple hospitalizations and various doctors delivering dire prognosises, Saks was still stubborn and smart enough to continue putting her full efforts into her studies, as she had originally set out to do before the onset of her disease.

She describes various struggles with the medications, and the embarrassments and hardships she faced due to her “mentally ill” label. She makes everything very easy to relate to, and explains any unclear topics. I gained a lot more valuable knowledge about the law, mental illness, and the effects of the current mental health care system on its patients.


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