A Brilliant Madness by Patty Duke and Gloria Hochman

() Patty Duke not only details her own personal account of her severe affliction with bipolar disorder, she and Hochman incorporate research and scientific insight into the disease.

Duke’s case was especially torturous, though not entirely uncommon for manic depressive sufferers. She goes through her manic states of excess and impulsivity, her violent fits of rage, and also her stay-in-bed-for-weeks depression. She covers her experiences growing up, as well as the development of her career.She explains the formation of her family and how they eventually stabilize after her diagnosis.

My favorite line out the book that I think sums up the overall theme is on page 281: “The worst fear anyone with manic depression has is that someone will call her crazy. Well, now someone has. So I can relax and try to fix it.”

At the end there is a list of resources that will educate and provide aid for the mentally ill and their loved ones.


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