Loose Girl: A Memoir of Promiscuity by Kerry Cohen


(  ) Sex is fun, yes, but like anything it can be overdone. Cohen takes an honest, hard look at her past behavior with men. She examines the deep desperation and unhealthy outlook on love that was the basis for her actions. It’s a good look into why many of us try to cure our loneliness in the wrong ways – whether it’s through sex or other avenues.

She goes through each sexual venture she has – many of which are hard to account for. She writes that she lost count a long while back. When she is unlucky enough to deal with STDs, she doesn’t hold back the excruciating details.

Eventually, everything leads into a positive relationship where she finds a different kind of love. She marries, and starts making the choice to no longer seek affection and intimacy from any other men.

“Men are so easy that way. If they have sex with you, they can be yours. Even though this hasn’t been the case in the past, I still believe it. It’s written across every ad, every movie, every love song. Sex equals ownership.” (pg. 98)


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