Flowers in the Attic / Petals on the Wind by V.C. Andrews

( ) Goddamn was I intimidated by this 800-something page novel. Plus, it started out slow. I maxed out my renewals of it at the library mainly because it took me so long to get started. It wasn’t until I began to read some of the real suspenseful, twisted events that occurred while the children were locked away upstairs that was I able to become engrossed in the story.

The Dollangers were a four-children family of all blond, blue-eyed individuals. They seemed like the perfect family unit to anyone on the outside looking in, but they harbored many deep secrets. This doesn’t become clear until after a tragic accident ends the life of the bread-winning father, resulting in the mother becoming desperate for financial stability. She turns to a never-mentioned wealthy family she was previously estranged from.

In order to win favor with her parents, the mother “must” hide away the children for three plus years so that she can gain an inheritance from her father. As can be imagined, this leads to many horrible occurrences, including abuse, incest, and even a death. The children eventually escape their captors, the mother and grandmother, but the eldest daughter harbors vengeance that she follows through on into her adult life. The book ends with a bitter revenge that is damaging to both parties.

This was a different type of book compared to what I’m accustomed to reading, but it was nonetheless captivating.


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