Lucky by Alice Sebold

 (  ) Unlike many victims of rape, the author was able to remain strong and follow through with her trial, which was also unusually successful in putting the captor behind bars.

Unfortunately, she realized later in life that she would act out in other ways to cope with what she endured, such as using drugs, sleeping around, and purposely living in dangerous neighborhoods. So she writes, in accordance with PTSD, it aligned with the violence and atrocity she endured with her rape.

Also unlike many rape victims, Sebold felt compelled to share her assault experience with her future partners. Further, her rapist strikes back at her whilst still in prison at someone she cares about dearly. Sebold details the trauma of these experiences throughout this memoir.

This is very well written with an artistic flair that comes from her undergraduate focus in poetry. Sebold did a great job at telling an amazing account of her unique experiences.


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