I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell by Tucker Max

 (  ) Tucker Max is a man-whore, asshole who strikes fear in all sweet, slightly vulnerable young women. He doesn’t hold any of his grisly experiences back in this tell-all of a book. From taking a dump while getting head to being tricked into getting tested for chlamydia, the only way someone wouldn’t be entertained by this guy’s life is that they were too disgusted, and couldn’t get past all the cringing, sour moments.

He readily admits to sleeping with a triple-digit number of women, and catching most known STDs. His shame doesn’t stop him from revealing his most embarrassing moments in full detail, including spraying a hotel bathroom and partial lobby with his own excriment, and then getting blacklisted from the hotel.

Really, this is a lot of sick humor, but it’s all supposedly true, and all very laugh-out-loud hilarious. However, it does make me a bit more suspicious of witty men. I’m looking forward to seeing how the movie compares.


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