Lying by Lauren Slater

  ( ) This author spins a beautiful, tangled web of half-truths and uncertainties. In reading this work, I learned that pathological lying is highly correlated with having epilepsy – both of which Slater claims to contend with. She has gone through her life receiving various diagnoses from many different doctors, so she says she unsure of anything other than that she is seriously ill.

Her writing is eloquent. Many of her descriptions are like reading poetry, which as I have said many times, I highly admire in a novel/narrative. She battles depression, living with the disease of epilepsy (though it is unclear if that is only used as a metaphor), and symptoms of Munchausen’s. She has an ever tumultuous relationship with her mother, and battles a love addiction with an older sexual compulsive. Though some of her main points can get a little bit murky, it is still a book worth picking up.


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