Spent by Avis Cardella

) Shopping addiction is rampant in the United States today, as consumerism is pushed on the population. Cardella chronicles her struggle with compulsive shopping and her accumulated debt problems in Spent.

Though she once managed her money quite well, Cardella soon begins a habit of purchasing that became unhealthy. She starts having trouble paying her bills, and has multiple credit cards maxed out due to her shopping ventures. She jumps from relationship to relationship with men, often with a buying power boosting the romance. Cardella eventually gets to the point where she’s lying about Christmas presents to her family and borrowing money from friends.

In her desperation, Cardella manages some soul searching and signs up with a credit counseling agency. Her shopping obsession starts to fade, and she begins her journey into a different, more wholesome, uncluttered lifestyle. It’s a good look into addiction, and more specifically how we can let consumerism overpower us.


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