Ink Me by Richard Scrimger

thumbs_side ) Once I got past the annoyance of sounding out words to understand what the main character was saying, there was a real nice, though unrealistic plot line. The book is told from the point of view of someone with a way below average intelligence. It is effective.

The main character is Bunny. His grandpa dies and leaves “tasks” behind for each of his relatives. Bunny’s is to get a tattoo. Unfortunately, his tattoo order gets mixed up and he is given the tattoo of a local gang.

Soon after he gets this tattoo, he is mistaken for a member of the gang. He gets in with the “crew” and follows them on thier criminal endeavors. Soon, after a near murder, he gets caught up himself and spends time in jail. It’s weird how a little mistake and change one’s life so drastically.

I enjoyed the twisted nature of this story.


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