White Girl Problems by Babe Walker


walker, babe - white girl problemsthumbs_up ) Hilariously funny. This can’t all be true, can it? It must at the very least be extremely exaggerated.

Babe Walker is born to rich lawyer father and a model mother. The mother abandons her to the father at birth. Babe never hears from her again until a chance encounter at a rehab facility later in her twenties, where Babe is battling a shopping addiction.

This book chronicles some of the many crazy events of Babe’s life, including disastrous birthday parties to a personal trainer whose workout method is constant sex. She’s spoiled, self-centered, and barely eats. Her problems are not just white girl problems, but wealthy, upper-class bitch problems. It’s a read that will have you cracking up the whole time. I couldn’t put it down!


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