Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

flynn, gillian - dark placesthumbs_up ) Gillian Flynn is one of my new favorite authors. She just keeps delivering!

Dark Places is a mystery novel that unravels a gruesome family murder that happened 24 years ago. Libby Day and her brother, Ben, were the only survivors out of the large family slaughter. Libby’s testimony blamed Ben for the murders, which landed him in prison for life. However, there are many things that don’t add up about the crime. For example, Libby didn’t actually witness the crime, only heard it. But at 7-years-old she was impressionable and coached to say that she saw what happened. Further, facts about Ben were exaggerated, and crazy events coincided with one another on that date.

Libby only decides to investigate further into what really happened when she is approached and funded by a group who studies famous murders. Soon, she is drawn into figuring out the truth. The twisted ending is not predictable in any way – it’s very intense. It’s a suspenseful read that’s hard to put down.


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