Rage: A Love Story by Julie Anne Peters


peters, julie anne - rage a love story ( thumbs_side ) I’m sure you’ve heard of or witnessed abusive relationships, but have you ever been in one? Would you know what the feelings are like – the addiction of passionate pain and pleasure?

This book takes you there, through a lesbian relationship you see what can allow someone to put up with physical and emotional abuse, repeatedly. The main character’s schoolwork, job, finances, and other relationships all suffer due to one girl. And the worst part is, is that this girl isn’t all to blame. The circumstances she grew up in is much of what made her what she is.

The bad thing about this book is you’ll feel like the main character is stupid and want to slap her upside the head. But you don’t know what it’s like until you’ve been in her shoes. But the worst part about this book is that it ends so happily, where everyone resolves their issues and moves on past the pain. That’s not real life. I prefer my books to have a bit more grit to them.


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