The Defining Decade by Meg Jay, PhD

jay, meg - the defining decade( thumbs_up ) You could say I’ve had a bit of a quarter century crisis, and this book helped me navigate through some of it.

Nowadays it’s common for people in their twenties to care little about their jobs or families, and instead value socializing, slacking off, or partying. Society tells us 20-somethings are more of an extended youth.

However, Jay tells us this should not be so. She goes through the consequences we’ll face if we are to put things off in our lives for too long. Some examples include very little 401ks, children that will just become adults when you are a senior, lessening pools of singles, unexplainable gaps in resumes, and the list goes on.

The way she writes is down to earth. It has just enough science and real talk to make it a really great read. I highly recommend this to any 20-something struggling with progressing in life.


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