Confessions of a Social Climber by Paige Troxell


troxell, paige - confessions of a social climber(thumbs_side) Okay, this was a gripping read. HOWEVER I cannot get past the typos, misspellings, and grammatical errors that can be found on just about every page. I know this is a self-published book, but DAMN – put some effort into proofreading please.

The story goes like this: the main character is in her early twenties and finds herself in rehab. Her story is mostly narrated from her therapists office, but somewhat in her own memories as well.

She goes through how she develops higher in the social scene, which also lead to the drug scene. She parties and clubs constantly, which damages her jobs and relationships. Anyone who has ever gone through a “partying too much” phase will relate.

If you can suffer through the horrendous presentation of the content of this book, definitely give it a read. I liked it for it’s story, but also didn’t for it’s careless composition.


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