A Piece of Cake by Cupcake Brown


brown, cupcake - a piece of cake( thumbs_up ) My god, if you want a memoir that packs it all in one book, this would be your go-to. This book describes what can only be considered a miracle for where the author is now.

From poverty to racism, prostitution, gangs, abuse, addiction, and everything in between – this memoir contains everything.

Cupcake Brown watched her mother die, became a foster child in many abusive households, and ran away multiple times. It wasn’t long before drugs and street crime filled her life. Soon she joined a gang, and experienced what it was like to get shot. Speaking to her higher power, she soon found “coincidences” that led her to better opportunities. She did not waste them. She got a job, but still fought addiction. After rehab was she only able to flourish through school and become an inspiring lawyer.

A great book that I had trouble putting down.


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