The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls


walls, jeannette - the glass castle(thumbs_up) Poverty and intelligence can breed creativity. Walls grew up in a grossly poor family whose values did not include knowing where they would get their next meal.

Her father was an alcoholic, but a genius, and her mother an emotional wreck of an artist. Her brother and sisters were each unique in their own way, but all were trying to survive their crazy upbringing.

The book starts off in a scene when the author is 3 years old and spilled boiling water on herself when trying to cook. It’s a great attention-grabber for the first chapter, and shows you how weird and challenging her childhood was.

It’s really an inspirational story of how she pulled herself out of the wreckage of her past. It just goes to show our parents and family don’t define who we are or what we’ll become.


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