Scars from a Memoir by Marni Mann

mann, marni - scars from a memoir( thumbs_side ) I didn’t expect much from this book as it was to continue another book, Memoirs Aren’t Fairytales – usually I’m not fond of that series-type nonsense. This was better than I expected, but there were still some things that made it pretty awful too.

This story follows the main character after she gets through rehab for her heroin addiction. She resists temptation time and time again, and has unwavering support by most of the people around her. It’s awesome that the author could still build a gripping story that continued after the crazy drug narrative as told in the other book. The ending is also solid -not predictable at all.

However, I hated how much erotica she squished into this novel. There was hardly any in the last book, but in this one she has so many scenes where she is describing in great detail how the characters got it on. That was not the experience I wanted.

There were other problems I had with the writing as well that weren’t present in her last novel, but they’re small so I won’t delve into them. Just trust me, definitely not as good as the last one. But also not a huge disappointment either.


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