I Probably Shouldn’t Have Done That by Jules Price

price, jules - i probably shouldn't have done that( thumbs_down ) So… another horrible dating/trainwreck story.

The author is a very social alcoholic, so it seems. And she has immense trouble getting over her first boyfriend. He’s emotionally abusive, which keeps her even more hooked with the gamble of when he will blow up or when treat her like a queen. They break up and then reunite their relationship again and again, always with the same unhealthy outcomes. Price drowns her sorrows in partying hard. Eventually, at the end of the story, she predictably makes a clean break. However, it still leaves her damaged.

This just feels like a published mess. Her story represents her as wasting some of the best, young years of her life being bullied by someone she loves. Yes, it sucks, but the part she plays in it makes her hard to like or want to read anything more about. It was hard for me to finish this book.


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