Mermaid: A Memoir of Resilience by Eileen Cronin

cronin, eileen - mermaid ( thumbs_side) This is a memoir of a woman who grew up missing the majority of her legs. It was rumored that her mom took an over the counter drug which caused the deformity. But her mom adamantly denies this while Cronin grows up – it isn’t until she is an adult that her mother confesses she took it.

Cronin grew up in a gigantic family of 11-12 children. She was fitted with prosthetics as soon as she was old enough and details the pains associated. Her mom lacked mental stability and her dad did not want to be there – and soon wasn’t.

Even though this book has depth and insight, I couldn’t get that into it. It’s about an interesting subject, but it wasn’t gritty enough to move me. That’s my own preferences though, objectively I’d say the book is really good. However, this is my book review blog, for my own memories, so I am judging based on that premise.


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