Dietland by Sarai Walker

walker, sarai - dietland( thumbs_side ) As much as I want to like this book because of the lesson it holds, the whole context of the story just seems a little too extreme. Self-acceptance and empowerment is great, but the level of feminism this book encourages is a bit intense and the scenarios not too believable.

It’s trying to describe a possible revolution that could happen – that there is still an abundance of sexism that needs to change. This is true, and I’m impressed. I do believe all women should love themselves the way they are and we do need improvement in societal gender equality. However, I don’t like that there is no mention about also loving yourself enough to be concerned about not hurting your health. Being overweight is a health concern, and is based on an addiction to food. You wouldn’t tell a drug addict to just accept and continue the damage they are doing to themselves because they need to love themselves. Loving yourself should be different than not ever trying to change your behaviors.

Also, the main character almost gets herself mixed up in vigilantism, and gets a free $20,000 from a woman she barely knows. It’s unrealistic, and I also don’t see how the main character’s mindset did a 360 so fast. She went from planning weight loss surgery to yelling and turning over the table of a group of people making jokes about her size.


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