If I Break by Portia Moore

moore-portia-if-i-break( A Wolf at the Table: A Memoir of my Father by Augusten Burroughs ) Oh man, I had no idea I was getting such a hopeless romantic novel when I downloaded this free audiobook from Amazon. I was just like, “Oooh good reviews, and it’s free!”

Well… the story of this novel is way too played out. A ridiculously fantasy-like romance with a mysterious man. He proposes, but after marriage, she becomes bitter because she still feels like he is holding his true self back.

She has a baby and he suddenly disappears. Only later does she track him down, and she finds out there was more to their relationship issues than she – or even he – knew.

(*Spoiler* He has multiple personalities. The most repetitive plot ever, despite it being one of the rarest disorders ever to be diagnosed. Also, how it is portrayed here is highly uncharacteristic of the actual disorder or the circumstances that usually surround it.)

I do not recommend this book to anyone who prefers an intelligent read.


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