The Good Girl by Mary Kubica

kubica-mary-the-good-girl( thumbs_side ) I usually love weird, suspenseful novels like this one. I was excited as a lot of the reviews say it’s as good as Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.

But… I don’t know what it is. This one isn’t that great (in my opinion). It’s slow and has an unsatisfying end for me. Like yeah, the twist is good – but it was also super dark and depressing. Plus, the mystery of how her kidnapping got instigated was pretty obviously linked to the fame of her family. The writer made it seem like it was some big surprise reveal.

Oh yeah, so the basic premise is that she gets kidnapped by a guy who wanted to protect her from the people that paid him to take her to them. When she finally gets rescued, she has amnesia and goes by a different name. And so on the story ensues jumping back and forth through time to what really happened during the kidnapping and what occurred after.


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