Loud in the House of Myself by Stacy Pershall

pershall-stacy-loud-in-the-house-of-myself( thumbs_up ) You know how I read a lot of mental illness memoirs, well this is yet another. This chick has persevered through severe bipolar disorder mixed with self-harm, addiction, and eating disorder symptoms. Oh wait, and her doctors think she is a borderline too? Geez.

This chronicles her struggles growing up, until she finally discovers the only drug that has given her relief yet: Lamictal. Like others with her condition, she goes through cycles – some of which destroy anything good and substantial she has built in her life.

Soon she finds another outlet through which she can relieve stress: tattoos. Combining her body issues and desire to cause pain to herself, tattoos also help her record the stories and moments she doesn’t want to forget. Whatever works, right?

This is a great story, and I especially liked hearing that the author no longer even has mirrors in her house. I know no one that would go to this extreme, but I love that she values her health so much that she would. I very much admire Pershall.


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