The Nix by Nathan Hill

hill-nathan-the-nix( thumbs_side ) Unfortunately, I’m sure part of the reason I am not giving this book a thumbs up is because I expected too much of it. There were raving reviews everywhere on the internet. It seems whenever a book describes the most common, modern symptoms of depression, everyone gets super excited. Okay, that is simplifying it a bit, but I really didn’t find as much substance and engaging qualities to this book as I thought I would. Mostly, it was just sad.

Yes, there was a slightly interesting twist at the end. Yes, the writing style wasn’t too bad. But humanity was portrayed in such a disgusting light; and in my opinion, crossing the border of being realistic.

The historical references and cruelty related to them seemed real enough, but the game-until-I-die characters were far from the norm. Gaming is a big part of our society and is a huge chunk of our consumerism, but way less people end up in the hospital from extreme gaming than those from shark bites. Way less people “ruin” their lives from gaming addiction than the majority of well-known addictions. Or… I could be wrong? Maybe it is just not studied yet. But in addition, there is a part about a student being able to cheat her whole way through college as well as get a professor fired over calling her “not smart”. This is also way over the top.

I was not spell-bound by this story the way other reviewers had been. It’s not that it’s bad, I just wouldn’t highly recommend.


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