This is How it Always is by Laurie Frankel

frankel, laurie - this is how it always is ( thumbs_up ) Even in this modern day in age, there are still many taboo subjects our society is working to normalize. This story delves into the subject of transgender identification.

The mother in the family this story is centered on had 4 boys already, and had been doing all the superstitious acts she could so that she could have a girl as her fifth child. Instead came a male baby body, and they called him Claude.

Growing up, Claude knew he preferred feminine clothes and items when compared to their male or even neutral counterparts. He begged to wear dresses and heels, etc. Before he was even preteen, he decided he wanted to be known as a girl.

The family moved to protect Claude’s secret, but in their new town, the secret eventually got out as well. Large secrets don’t usually stay secret no matter where you are. Claude, whose name had now become Poppy, goes through a stressful coming out stage. Poppy also takes a trip to Thailand which is known for its high percentage of transgender population.

I like the topic this book covers as it is becoming more and more prevalent in our current time. Also, it does a great job of displaying the highly compassionate side that most people have, while not hiding the cruelties people will commit out of fear.


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