Sweetbitter by Stephanie Danler

danler, stephanie - sweetbitter( thumbs_side ) The reviews I’ve read on this book were very intense. Readers either loved this book to the extreme, or hated it with an equal passion.

The main character wanted to escape her dreary life in a small town. She moved by herself, to New York. She landed a very coveted waitressing job at a highly respected, gourmet restaurant.
Her aspirations never rise above being the most valued employee and wine savant. She also gets lost in the restaurant employees’ superficial relationships and materialistic values. She damages her body and mind through partying with coworkers.
Soon, she pulls a risky ploy to try and get back at “friends” she felt wronged by. Unfortunately, it backfires.
I don’t know if there was a very good lesson in this. Maybe that big cities can also have big problems? Or be aware of the environment you’re immersing yourself in? Don’t be a monkey see, monkey do? No idea. It’s not my favorite book, but the writing itself was eloquent – which basically saved the aversive story, in my eyes. I would definitely like to read more stories with that level of writing skill as well as detailed knowledge about fine food.



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