The Girls’ Guide to Love and Supper Clubs by Dana Bate

bate, dana - the girls guide to love and supper clubs( thumbs_side ) Living out your career to get familial approval will never be something I can relate to. However, it seems to be very prevalent for the main character here. She knows her true passion is for cooking, but both her family and significant other continually tell her that being a chef is not a real career. Her dream is to own a catering business, but feels obstructed from that ever happening.

The scene is set in Washington D.C., and involves political side characters. The main character, Hannah, has a think-tank job many admire her for, and studied at Cornell during undergrad. But she feels blah about all of it, and only enjoys her life when she is in the kitchen. She becomes really into this “Supper Club” trend that’s been happening, which is basically an underground, one-time restaurant party. After the first nasty breakup of her life, she decides to throw her own. This is where the chaos starts… though in the end, it leads to her learning what real love is and that her own life happiness is more important than other’s affirmations.

It plays a little hard on drama that occurs throughout the story, but I do love how descriptive the recipes and cooking experiences are portrayed for the reader.


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