It’s Not Okay by Andi Dorfman

dorfman, andi - its not okthumbs_down ) As much as I’m all about female empowerment and taking charge of your life, I really can’t take a woman seriously who buys Lululemon to make herself feel better. Yes, I know that’s my own biased, so I tried to look past that when reading this book.

However, it didn’t get much better. Yes, Dorfman describes her “traumatic” recovery from two very public, very horrible and “abusive” relationships stemming from the bachelor/bachelorette shows. That storyline would seem interesting if not for that fact that the overall feeling I got from the writing was that the author wasn’t providing full transparency to her readers.

She tries to talk about the best way to get over a breakup is to show them up with your success, but some of the suggestions she “prescribed” just sickened me. This just didn’t sync with her earlier description of being a hermit at home, feeling sorry for herself for weeks on end while getting fat and drunk to deal with the pain. Everything just felt so exaggerated. I know that’s typical in a lot of memoirs – but there was just a ring of entitlement and selfishness behind this that I couldn’t shake.

But again, like I said, it may be my biased against superficial-looking white women that can afford to spend frivolously on a pointless brand of clothing like Lululemon or Ugg boots. The writing just didn’t feel honest to me.


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