Brain Maker by David Perlmutter

perlmutter, david - brain makerthumbs_side ) What intrigued me about this book was its presented focus on how the gut microbiome affects both medical and mental health. It’s become apparent to many medical practitioners and researchers that there is a strong link between our digestive system and our mind.

Although Perlmutter had a lot of good data and opinions to present, I was still left with less confidence in his findings than I do in Dr. Michael Greger’s nutritional publishings. Probiotics are an important part of the modern diet since so much of our food and environment destroys our good bacteria, but they’re not the solo cure-all for every ailment. Perlmutter only slightly touches on the importance of prebiotics in our diet, and highly supports dairy and meat consumption without giving much evidence as to why.

It was especially interesting that Perlmutter discussed how natural versus c-section birth could cause such drastic long-term health differences in children; this is something that I don’t know a lot about. Coincidentally, I ended up finishing this book maybe only a week before I found out about a rare complication I have that will cause my first born to necessitate a c-section birth. I plan to research this topic further so that I feel prepared and can take care of my child accordingly.


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