Brotopia by Emily Chang

( ) Chang explores, in great detail, the bro culture and white, male-dominated atmosphere of Silicon Valley. Being that I grew up in Silicon Valley, I know much of the stereotypes and unequal rewards too well. What was news to me was some of the more insidious aspects of the male-dominated startups and tech companies such as underground sex parties and extreme cruelties committed towards women in the sexist cultures. I had experienced harassment, yes, (often without even consciously realizing it,) but never such extreme environmental exposure.

Chang does a good job of bringing data and personal stories together to illustrate some of the huge issues that Silicon Valley and tech have, as well as how it historically developed. Although it’s not the most entertaining book, it does provide very useful information for any woman, minority, or underprivileged group that wants to succeed in tech. Or really, anyone that wants to become informed about how to bring about lasting, impactful change in tech industry culture.

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